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Krisp is a noise reduction application. It suppresses noises on your smartphone and computer in any situation



Manufacturers have made us love active noise canceling headphones. It seems like a miracle that you put them on, and almost all external noise disappears, no longer interfering with enjoying music or listening to audiobooks. The magic is simple: a microphone captures sound and, through the sound processor and speakers, transmits it to the ears in antiphase, so that in the end, instead of noise, silence is obtained.

The developers of the Krisp application tried to repeat the same on a larger scale – you can use services to communicate via video with any headphones, and noise cancellation is performed using the computing capabilities of a smartphone or computer. The Krisp app is available on iOS, macOS, Windows, and in the Chrome browser as an extension.

According to user reviews, Krisp works quite effectively and can filter out even the noise of a neighbor’s puncher. You, of course, will hear him, but your interlocutor on the other side of the video call will not.


Krisp is designed to work with any services for communication via video or voice communication (Skype, Teams, Zoom, Slack and others). With an extension in Chrome, it works on any site that uses a microphone and speakers.

Krisp can also remove the noises coming from your interlocutors from the speakers. How this happens is a mystery. As a result, you will hear clear sound from those people with whom you communicate, even if they are noisy there.

Krisp is a shareware service. Only 120 minutes of silent communication are allotted per week, after which the noise reduction stops working and asks to subscribe for $ 3.33 per month if paid for a year or $ 5 per month if paid monthly.


Krisp attracts new users with an interesting model. You will get 2 months of unlimited communication with noise control if you bring someone to the service, and this person will receive one free month. If you and he have one common working domain in the mailing addresses, you and he will be given four months each.

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