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John Romero To Release Crime Strategy Empire Of Sin In December




John Romero may not be working on new parts of DOOM, but he does not sit idly by. For the past few years, the designer has been working on the Empire of Sin strategy, which is already ready for release.

Welcome to Empire of sin

Empire of Sin will be released on December 1 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. On consoles, the game is given for 1,200 hryvnia, and PC users will be able to acquire a strategy for 450 hryvnia.

Empire of Sin will send players to 1920swhen Prohibition had already become a part of daily life in Chicago. Gamers will be able to choose one of 15 crime bosses, including Al Capone, Stephanie Saint Clair or Goldie Garneau, and build your criminal empire. Business development will allow peaceful underground bars and casinos, but sometimes you have to get weapons in turn-based battles between gangs.

Features of Empire of Sin

  • RPG: Choose from fourteen bosses based on real and fictional gangsters and build your criminal empire in Prohibition Chicago.
  • Empire Management: Build an empire of sin and take control of Chicago’s shadow economy. Business acumen and notoriety will help you.
  • Smartly manage underground bars, casinos and more.
    Turn-Based Combat: Gather your gang and throw them into turn-based combat to defend or expand territory.


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