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Japanese Horror Game Yuoni Announced



Japan holds a special place in the horror world. Whether it’s movies and books like The Ring, video games like Siren, or mangas like Junji Ito’s, this country has given the world a collection of some of the most terrifying stories ever imagined by man. Japanese authors often draw inspiration from myths and legends about spirits and ghosts. This fully applies to Yuoni, a new horror game slated for release in the spring of 2021.

The protagonist Yuoni is fifth grader Ai. Her life takes place in a world of eternal twilight, where she has to make every effort to avoid terrible creatures and phantoms from the other world. Eventually, horrors begin to seep into the real world, forcing Ai to fight for her life. Given her age, this struggle boils down to running away in time, hiding better or outwitting mystical opponents.

Formally, Yuoni is a sequel to the 2019 visual novel Yuoni: Rises, but a similar plot develops in a completely different style. At the moment, we do not know how closely these games will be linked – the developers withheld this information until the spring release of Yuoni


Source: cogconnected

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