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Japan will send an 8K camera to Mars and its satellites




Japan’s aerospace research agency and NHK are developing ultra-high-resolution cameras as part of the Martian Moons Exploration (MMX) mission. Scientists are trying to make the world’s first 8K images of Mars and its moons.

They want to install the camera on the Martian Moons eXploration device and launch it in 2024. The device will periodically send the received images to Earth. All images obtained will also be stored in a special capsule, which in the future will be delivered back to Earth.

In addition, Japanese researchers plan to visualize the trajectory of the spacecraft, combining the images obtained with it with the data collected during the flight. In theory, this can help to better understand the operation of the device.

MMX must not only provide highly detailed photographs of the surface of Mars, but also land on one of its satellites – Phobos – and collect material from the surface, and then deliver it to Earth for research. Thanks to this, scientists learn more about the past and present of Mars.

Source: Martians


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