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It looks very cool: Nokia has shown what the revived Nokia N95 can look like



HMD Global provided the author of the YouTube channel Mr. Mobile Michael Fisher is one of the prototypes of the reincarnation of the Nokia N95 slider. The gadget looks very, very cool.

The original Nokia N95 smartphone, released in 2007, received a dual-slider form factor with multimedia buttons on one side and a numeric keypad on the other. The gadget was running Symbian OS and was equipped with the flagship features at the time.

Recently, HMD Global, which has a license to produce devices under the Nokia brand, gave Fisher a prototype Nokia N95. The prototype is also a slider – the display can be moved to the left to access the cameras and speakers, as in HTC 7 Surround.

There is a special ring around the camera unit that can be used as a stand.

According to the blogger, with the return of the Motorola Razr and the release of unusual devices like the LG Wing, it would be nice to see a production version of the reincarnated Nokia N95.

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