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It has become possible to assemble a PC with AMD hardware from Xbox One

by Henry Brown

AliExpress has a motherboard with unsoldered elements, including a processor called “AMD A9-9820 Motherboard CPU Combo”, the main feature of which is that it uses the hardware platform from Xbox One.

When comparing the processor in this motherboard and the one used in the Xbox One, you can see exactly the same location of contacts and sizes, only the marking on the CPUs. At the moment, there is no official information from AMD that would confirm or deny that we are talking about the same platform, but this is indicated by all the data that is available at the moment.

The site states that this APU has 8 CPU cores with a frequency of 2.35 GHz and a Radeon R7 350 graphics processor with 512 stream processors, and the Xbox One has a platform with 8 cores running at 1.75 GHz, as well as a graphics processor with 768 stream processors. In essence, we get the same platform with a weaker graphics and more powerful processor component.

The site also states that this motherboard was in use, although it is unclear where it was used. However, this board allows you to assemble a full-fledged PC and is equipped with four RAM slots, four SATA, one PCIe and a full set of connectors for connecting peripherals. The price is set at $ 125. We will remind that earlier on the basis of this motherboard the small-sized PC Chuwi AeroBox left.

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