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It couldn’t get worse – the players didn’t like the XIII shooter remake



The reaction of gamers to the XIII shooter remake was extremely negative. On Steam, the game has an extremely low rating – only 10% positive reviews.

The reimagined version of the project did not appeal to fans of the original. They declare that it is better to play in XIII 2003 release. In the remake, the graphic style is lost, there is no comic book atmosphere. In addition, players complain about the weak AI of enemies, lopsided animation, lack of recoil from shooting, and disgusting soundtrack.

In addition, the disadvantages of the project include a low level of complexity, a changed level design for the worse and an abundance of bugs.

Most gamers did not find anything good in the XIII remake, not a single positive point.

Recall that the original XIII appeared in 2003 on PC and PlayStation 2. The remake was released on November 10 on PC, as well as PS4 and Xbox One consoles. A Nintendo Switch release is planned for next year.

Source: Steam

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