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Is Netflix going fast? This is how it is checked on your Smart TV



We need to have a good internet connection for streaming series and movies to load correctly and we don’t always get it. The first thing is to choose our rate and our operator well, but it is not the only thing since it will depend on the coverage that our television has or on the saturation of the network. For this reason, we can easily check the speed of Netflix on a Smart TV to know if we should change something in the settings or improve our installation at home.

We know how to check the speed on a computer from the browser, but you can also do it from your TV in a few quick and hassle-free steps. You do not need to install anything extra and it will only take a few minutes.

Check network speed

There are two ways to do it: from the Netflix tool itself or the official application, but also if we use a specialized website to measure speed.

From the app itself

The best way to measure the speed of Netflix on the Smart TV is to use the streaming video application itself that allows us to access its support section and check if we have enough speed to be able to play any content that interests us. One of the advantages of Netflix is ​​that it allows us to do it from the application itself: you can check the Netflix speed from the Smart TV application and know if you have enough speed or not. You don’t have to change tools or install anything else or close the app. In addition, it not only works in the case of Smart TV but also in other versions for Chromecast and similar services. It is an integrated tool within Netflix itself.

To know if the speed is good or not, the steps are very simple. You just have to enter the Netflix app for Smart TV and choose between the different profiles in case you have several registered. You open the one that interests you and we look for the “get help” section that we will usually find by moving the cursor to the left. Open the menu on the left and a series of options will appear such as Search, Start, Play something… At the end of the menu we will find “Get help”, which we will have to mark to access the Netflix network speed meter.

get netflix help

Once we open this section, we will see a series of sections:

  • Subscribers
  • Net
  • Device
  • contact us

And you will also see: Verification network. Tap on the corresponding button and Netflix will begin to measure the speed with which the Internet reaches your television, either by WiFi or by cable. It will take a few seconds so we will have to wait for the green check to appear next to all the sections that it is scanning.


We will see the following:

  • Netflix server 1
  • Netflix server 2
  • netflix server 3
  • Internet connection

check server

Finally we will see how it tells us “connection speed: xx Mbps” and “correct network check. Here we can see if the speed we have is adequate or not.

Check from a website

Another option to check the speed we have is to do it from the browser in case our Smart TV has one, although it is usually more annoying. In that case, what we will do is go to the browser and access the web page that will do a scanner and analysis of our fiber or ADSL connection. The most recommended in this case is to do it from the computer but you can also use the browser of your television to see if it arrives correctly.

just touch the speed test web button and after a few seconds it will give us a figure on the speed that reaches our television. Keep in mind that the Internet speed will vary on your Smart TV and on your computer because it will depend on where each of them is with respect to the router, the type of connection, etc.

speed test

Recommended Netflix Speed

Netflix on its website recommends us what is the minimum speed that we must have to be able to watch series and movies smoothly and without cuts. It will depend on the quality you want to see that you need more or less megabits per second. In addition, it will not only depend on the speed but also on the plan you have: to watch Netflix in the highest quality you will need to have a Premium plan, for example.

In any case, the recommended speed is as follows:

  • minimum connection recommended: 0.5 megabit per second
  • Recommended broadband connection: 1.5 megabits per second
  • Standard definition or SD: 3 megabits per second
  • High definition or HD: 5 megabits per second
  • With 4K or UltraHD quality or definition: 25 megabits per second

How to improve speed or connection

If following the previous steps you see that the speed is insufficient, we can follow a series of steps or tips to solve it. It will depend on the TV model and brand that there are some specific solutions or others, but there are also some global adjustments or checks that will allow us to improve the signal.

Either way, the first thing we have to do is update the TV software. It is a basic, free and quick check and will allow us to make sure that everything is in its best version and that we avoid all kinds of dangers that security holes or outdated systems can cause. This will ensure that there is no malware that will reduce our speed.


But also we must look at the connection itself. If it is something specific and it does not work well on any device, restart the router. If it does not arrive correctly, the first thing we should do is check it from other devices: does it arrive correctly on the computer and not on TV? Does it reach the mobile well and not the television? We can look at how we have connected the Smart TV. That is, it is possible that it is connected via WiFi and that the coverage is poor in that room. In this case, we have two options: use a cable directly to the network to improve coverage or use signal amplifiers that allow it to better reach the room or the place where you are trying to watch a series or movie.

Another common problem may be related to saturation: There are too many devices connected to the same network and this causes the speed to slow down and not reach the TV similarly to other devices. In this case, what we must do is stop downloading large data packages from other devices such as the computer, for example.


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