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IPhone and iPad users will finally get the long-awaited YouTube feature

by Henry Brown


Often the same application can differ significantly on different platforms in terms of design and functionality. For a long time, iPhone and iPad owners did not have access to the YouTube feature, which has long been used by owners of Android devices. But soon everything will change.

One of the innovations of iOS 14 will be the “picture in picture” mode, which allows you to watch videos in a small floating window on top of other applications.

Since the announcement of this feature, many users have asked the logical question: how will it be implemented in the YouTube application? Note that it has been available on Android for a long time, but only with a paid subscription to YouTube Premium, which also disables advertising in commercials and provides access to YouTube Music.

According to social media posts, Google has started adding “picture in picture” to YouTube for iOS and iPadOS. It is currently only available to a small number of people and only works with online broadcasts, but this can be attributed to testing the new feature.

According to preliminary information, “picture in picture” on YouTube on iOS, as well as on Android, will be available only to users who have paid a subscription. But this is a giant step forward. We are accustomed to the fact that cool chips first appear on iOS, and then they are transferred to Android.


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