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iPhone 13 Pro Max will offer anamorphic lens and 8K video at 45 fps

by Henry Brown


The iPhone 12 line of smartphones is expected to be presented only next week, but sources are already reporting the first information about what changes await future iPhone 13 owners.

The Chinese resource Mydrivers claims that Apple plans to pay great attention to improving the photo and video capabilities of the new smartphone. In particular, it is reported that the anamorphic lens of the iPhone 13 Pro Max will allow you to shoot videos of the highest quality: up to 8K at 45 fps.

Apple added the ability to record 4K video at 60 fps back to the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X in 2017. There has been no change in this area since then. What surprises the iPhone 12 camera will be next week.

The source adds that iPhone 13 Pro Max users can choose between 8K modes at 30fps or 45fps. Moreover, the whistleblower also said that several image stabilization technologies will be used when recording video. It is not yet clear whether we are talking about software or optical stabilization.

Previously, we published information on the colors of all models of the iPhone 12 line. In addition, European prices for smartphones were published. It also became known that Apple has recognized the quality of the BOE screens and is using them in the iPhone 12.


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