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IPhone 12 users report problems with MagSafe



Apple recently introduced the iPhone 12 lineup, which supports MagSafe magnetic wireless charging. Now the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro, as well as MagSafe accessories have gone on sale, and the owners of these devices have already told about the first problems with MagSafe. When using the iPhone 12 with a case and magnetic charging MagSafe on the case there is a round imprint, which repeats the shape of the magnetic charge, which does not look very nice.

It has also only now become known that MagSafe does not require a 20W USB-C cable – 12W is enough, but then MagSafe will not be able to operate at full power (the maximum power of this magnetic charger is 15W). This is due to the fact that when charging according to the QI standard there are significant power losses, so at a nominal power of 12W the actual power of the MagSafe will be less.

It should also be understood that charging power may be affected by other factors. Do not place passports, bank cards and anything with magnetic tapes or RFID chips between your smartphone while charging MagSafe. The company also said that MagSafe does not work with the Leather Waller iPhone case, so it will have to be removed while charging.

The company also warned that the charging speed could drop with significant overheating to prevent degradation of components and dangerous temperatures inside smartphones. If the iPhone or MagSafe charger heats up to a temperature above normal, the charging speed will drop. In general, the company advises to charge the smartphone in a cool place, without covering it with anything, thereby isolating the heat released during charging.

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