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iPhone 12 Pro Max wins 11 awards for display performance and # 1 in smartphone rankings



iPhone 12 is already officially presented, tried and tested a little. The flagship of this entire lineup is the iPhone 12 Pro Max, and some consider this smartphone to have the best display to date.

This conclusion was made by DisplayMate experts, who made a detailed review of the device. The gadget received the highest A + rating and won in eleven nominations. Apple has outdone itself as the iPhone 11 Pro Max won nine awards last year.

Here is an incomplete list of nominations in which the device outperformed other models:

  • Best contrast ratio
  • Best brightness
  • Better color rendering
  • Lowest screen reflectivity

The only thing that the iPhone 12 Pro Max clearly falls short of is the frame rate. While Chinese manufacturers have started to use displays with might and main at 90 Hz and even 120 Hz, Apple decided to stick with the “standard” 60 Hz.

But DisplayMate did not take this fact into account, since, in their opinion, the low refresh rate is compensated for by the high performance of the CPU / GPU and the smooth operation of iOS itself.

Source: gizmochina

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