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iPhone 12 Pro Max ranked # 4 on DxOMark camera phones – it shoots better than the iPhone 12 Pro



DxOMark experts have studied the camera of the flagship smartphone iPhone 12 Pro Max. Conclusion – it has the best camera among all iPhones. However, he did not become the leader of the rating. The gadget took fourth place, moving the iPhone 12 Pro from it.

iPhone 12 Pro Max scored 130 points (iPhone 12 Pro, recall, 128 points).

The most expensive iPhone was awarded 138 points for taking a photo. Zoom was rated at 68 points, and video shooting was rated at 113 points. Compare with the iPhone 12 Pro – 135, 66 and 112 points, respectively.

The advantages of the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera include fast and accurate autofocus, near perfect exposure, high level of detail, HDR when shooting video and the work of the stabilization system.

The disadvantages are as follows – limited HDR when shooting photos, noise in night shots, excessive contrast when shooting with HDR, rare artifacts in video.

Conclusion – iPhone 12 Pro Max shoots better than last year’s flagship iPhone 11 Pro Max. However, this is not enough to break into the top of the ranking, where three Chinese are located – Huawei Mate 40 Pro (136 points), Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra (133 points) and Huawei P40 Pro (132 points).

Source: DxOMark

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