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IPhone 12 mini disassembly – the most affordable and smallest Apple smartphone from the inside



Having received one of the first iPhone 12 mini, the Chinese blogger took apart the new product to show the internal structure of the device. As it turned out, the miniature smartphone has several differences from other models in the series.

The first thing that the blogger faced when disassembling was an abundance of glue around the screen, so equipment and straight hands would be required to remove the display, otherwise the element could be damaged. First you need to unscrew a couple of screws from the bottom of the smartphone. Under the display you can see the filling of the device.

It has an L-shaped dual-layer card with an integrated SIM card slot, which is not found in other models. When studying the camera, it was found that only the main sensor has optical stabilization, while the wide-angle lens does not have this option.

When disassembling the iPhone 12 mini, you can see a modular design that simplifies the process of replacing elements in the event of a malfunction. The smallest version of the iPhone 12 has more integrated modules than other versions.

The blogger discovered that a 2227 mAh battery is installed inside, which is clearly not enough for comfortable use due to low autonomy. A few days ago it was reported that the autonomy of the “baby” is lower than that of most smartphones on the market. Compactness requires sacrifice. To solve the problem, you can purchase a portable battery that you can pick up at the DNS store.

Recall that recently there was information about the disassembly of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which can be read here.


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