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IPhone 12 camera can’t be fixed



If you have been familiar with the tech industry for several days, then most likely you are aware of what exactly a company such as iFixit is. And according to her latest report, the new iPhone 12 is even harder for third-party companies to repair than all previous models. In particular, the new phone seems to be the most likely to run into significant problems if the user replaces the camera module. Because of this, the cameras of your flagship, extremely expensive smartphone become almost completely unusable.

And what is most interesting is that the first to notice this problem was not iFixit. The first is a YouTube channel author and creator named Hugh Jeffries. One way or another, once after Hugh Jeffries spoke about his “discovery”, the specialists from iFixit decided to personally check, as a result of which they confirmed that this problem really exists and that it is not related to hardware. And nevertheless, iFixit specialists in any case during their first analysis of the iPhone 12 noted that the new smartphones of the apple company are relatively good devices in terms of disassembling and replacing various key parts.

But in any case, as it has now become known, this does not negate the fact that if you want to replace the camera module of your iPhone 12, your phone will simply “reject” this replacement. And at its core, the iPhone 12 line was the first in the history of iPhone smartphones to face such a problem. For example, without exception, all previous models made it possible to replace cameras without any problems. Moreover, apparently, the iPhone 12 Pro is devoid of this drawback. It seems to be inherent only in the simple version of the iPhone 12. It is unclear if this is a one-time error or some specific feature of the iPhone 12 cameras, but in any case, let’s hope that Apple will do something about the problem.

To be sure, all previous iPhones have had various annoying issues. For example, the iPhone 7 and 8 Plus were faced with the fact that Apple used displays from three different manufacturers, which were not completely interchangeable, and therefore it was extremely problematic to replace them. It was almost a lottery. But in any case, even if the problem with the camera is only temporary, now we are somehow aware that Apple is trying to do everything possible to make it impossible to repair smartphones in unofficial service centers, so that we are forced to buy new devices every year.

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