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iPad Air 2020 compared to iPad Pro 11



Experts of the information resource Gizmochina compared the iPad Air 2020 and iPad Pro 11.


iPad Pro 11 2020, according to experts, has a more attractive appearance, due to a slightly larger screen and camera module, which looks more presentable than the single sensor on the iPad Air 2020. Otherwise, they are more or less the same: they are thin and light, and they have an aluminum case. Both support Apple Pencil and the official keyboard.


Apple’s iPad Pro 11 display actually beats the iPad Air’s display. Apart from a slightly wider diagonal, it offers higher brightness and slightly more pixels. But the biggest difference is the refresh rate: the iPad Pro 11 has a 120Hz refresh rate, while the 2020 iPad Air offers a standard 60Hz refresh rate.


The iPad Air 2020 offers a more powerful chipset than the iPad Pro 11. This is the Apple A14 Bionic built on the 5nm process technology, while the iPad Pro 11 has the older Apple A12Z Bionic built on the 7nm process. Plus the difference between iPadOS 14 out of the box, while the Pro variant still runs on iPadOS 13.


The iPad Pro 11 is one of the best tablets in terms of camera. It has a triple sensor consisting of a 12MP main camera, a 10MP sensor and a ToF 3D LiDAR scanner. Whereas the 2020 iPad Air only has one 12MP sensor.


The iPad Pro 11 and iPad Air 2020 have the same battery capacity, but the iPad Air 2020 may last longer on a single charge for two reasons. First, thanks to the newer Apple A14 Bionic. Secondly, the display has a refresh rate of 60 Hz, as opposed to 120 Hz.


The 2020 iPad Air starts at € 640 / $ 550 for a 64GB configuration, while the iPad Pro 11 starts at € 800 / $ 750 for a 128GB configuration. The iPad Pro 11 wins the comparison with better cameras and display, but the 2020 iPad Air offers the best performance and price. Plus the more recent iPadOS 14.

Source: gizmochina

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