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Introduced AMD 3D card with 32GB of memory and priced at $ 2,250. Radeon Pro W6000 lineup announced



AMD has introduced new GPU-based graphics cards with RDNA2 architecture. This time these are not gaming, but professional 3D cards of the Radeon Pro family.

The Radeon Pro W6800 becomes the flagship of the line. This is the most powerful workstation graphics card AMD has ever released, which makes sense.

The card is based on GPU Navi 21, while, despite its positioning, it has only 3,840 active stream processors. That is, the GPU configuration is identical to the Radeon RX 6800. This means that AMD may well release something even more productive, because this GPU contains 5120 stream processors.

In the end, the performance of the Radeon Pro W6800 is only slightly higher than that of its gaming counterpart. For single precision (FP32) operations, we are talking about 17.83 TFLOPS, with half precision (FP16) – 35.66 TFLOPS. In the case of double precision (FP64), the performance is 1.11 TFLOPS.

The adapter has 32 GB of memory (GDDR6) with a 256-bit bus. The Infinity Cache is 128 MB. Also noteworthy is a 250W TDP, six Mini-DisplayPort 1.4 ports and a $ 2,250 price tag.

Introduced AMD 3D card with 32GB of memory and priced at $ 2,250.  Radeon Pro W6000 lineup announced

The second novelty is the Radeon Pro W6600, which is based on Navi 22 with 1,792 stream processors active. The card has 8 GB of memory with a 128-bit bus, 32 MB of Infinity Cache and four Mini-DisplayPorts. The TDP is only 100 W, and the performance is 20.8 TFLOPS (FP16) or 10.4 TFLOPS (FP32). The price of such a card is $ 650.

Also presented is the mobile card Radeon Pro W6600M, which in terms of parameters and performance is completely identical to the desktop one, except that the TDP is reduced to 90 W.

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