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Intel unveils incredible 12-die Xe-HPC GPU



We know for sure that the Xe-HPC accelerator, also known under the codename Ponte Vecchio, will appear in the line of Intel graphics adapters in the near future. There have been many different rumors about him, but today we can take a look at his heart.

Raja Koduri has decided to show off a photo of the Xe-HPC GPU and the photo is impressive.

As you can see, the solution actually consists of 12 chips! And so far, we can only say for sure that the two main chips are directly the graphics processors themselves. It can also be assumed that some of the other microcircuits are memory chips, but obviously not all, since they are different in size. In addition, Koduri himself wrote that the new Intel product combines seven advanced semiconductor technologies at once.

A third-party source claims that the GPU crystals will be directly produced using 10nm SuperFin technology, and Rambo Cache chips – using Enhanced SuperFin technology with the same 10nm.

The Xe-HPC class product may be presented later this year, but so far there is no exact data on this.

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