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Intel processors may start to be produced by Samsung. Either TSMC



Intel has long relied on third-party services to manufacture its products, but this only applies to products that are small for Intel itself. However, the realities are such that the company will have to outsource more and more different products, since in recent years it has significantly lagged behind its own plans for mastering new technical processes, for which it has paid a lot.

According to the source, Intel is currently in talks with TSMC and Samsung regarding the production of its mass products, that is, mobile and desktop Core processors. At the same time, Intel still has not made a decision on this matter, despite the fact that on January 21, according to its own promises, it should include the relevant information in the next financial report.

It is worth noting that if Intel decides now to turn to, for example, TSMC, the first such processors will enter the market no earlier than 2023, and they will use the technical process, which by that time will already be available to other customers of the semiconductor giant.

The problem is that Intel even now, after three years of decline in its share in favor of AMD, remains the undisputed leader of the processor market in terms of the number of CPUs sold. This means that TSMC or Samsung will be obliged to additionally produce a huge amount of products upon the conclusion of the deal. The same TSMC is preparing to commission a new factory in Baoshan by the end of the year, which, if necessary, can be converted for the production of Intel processors. Whether Samsung can offer this is unclear.


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