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Intel launches 4-core Core i3-10100F processor without graphics core for $ 79-97

by Henry Brown

Intel has expanded its 10th Gen desktop processor lineup with a new budget model, the Core i3-10100F. It complements the existing Core i3-10100, i3-10100T, i3-10100E and i3-10100TE models, which differ slightly in purpose.

The new Intel Core i3-10100F chip is a modification of the standard Core i3-10100 processor, but does not include an integrated graphics core, which has reduced its price. As a result, the price of new items was in the range of up to $ 100. The new Core i3-10100F processor will retail for $ 79-97. Intel lists price ranges, not specific prices. The actual price is likely to depend on the volume of orders. For comparison, the standard version of the Core i3-10100 is priced at $ 122. The new processor is a 4-core solution (supporting 8 instruction streams), it has a base frequency of 3.6 GHz and Turbo Boost 2.0 at 4.3 GHz. The TDP is 65 W.

With a more affordable price tag, the new Core i3-10100F will be able to compete more effectively with AMD’s Ryzen 3 3300X processor, which offers much the same configuration. It includes 4 processing cores, supports 8 instruction streams and operates at the same increased frequency of 4.3 GHz. At the same time, the AMD chip has some advantages, such as a 200 MHz higher base frequency and 10 MB more L3 cache. However, AMD Ryzen 3 3300X is more expensive at $ 120.

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