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Intel has never had such processors. Detailed specifications of 16-core and 24-thread Intel Core-1800 released



In the fall (tentatively – in September) Intel should introduce a completely new generation of desktop processors – Alder Lake, which will not look like the CPUs that we have long been accustomed to. Alder Lake is the first truly mainstream line of Intel CPUs built on the principle of big.LITTLE Arm platforms with large and small cores. And now the detailed characteristics of one of the models in the series have appeared on the Web, it is called Intel Core-1800.

The B0 stepping indicates that this is the second version of the engineering sample. That is, the characteristics will still change as the refinement progresses, but not dramatically. The CPU, as you can see, runs at a fairly low base frequency of 1.8 GHz, but it can rise to 4.6 GHz with … two active cores. The maximum frequency with four active cores is 4.4 GHz, with all of them – 4.0 GHz. In general, even if the frequencies increase in the final version, we will not see 5.0 GHz, as in the current Intel CPUs. At the same time, the power consumption cannot be called that low: in the PL2 mode it reaches 228 W, although in the much more demanded PL1 mode it is already standard 125 W. Obviously, if the technical process was 7-nanometer, then it would be possible to reduce power consumption more, but Alder Lake will be 10-nanometer.

Intel has never had such processors.  Detailed specifications of 16-core and 24-thread Intel Core-1800 released

Intel Core-1800 has eight “large” computing cores (Golden Cove) and eight “small” (Gracemont) cores, but only large ones support multithreading. That is why, with 16 cores, the CPU supports 24 threads. By the way, the frequency of small cores also depends on their load: when loading 1-4 cores, it is 3.4 GHz, when loading from 5 to 8 cores – 3.0 GHz.

Alder Lake will debut a new processor socket – LGA1700. The new concept inevitably entails an increase in the die, but also do not forget about the support of these processors for DDR5 memory (in particular, DDR5-4800 MHz) and PCIe 5.0 bus.

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