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Intel Core i9-11900 Tested Again, This Time On A B560 Motherboard



One of the flagships of the upcoming line of Intel Rocket Lake desktop processors was again tested by the Chinese media. Earlier we saw the Core i9-11900 being tested in CPU-Z on a Z490 board, and now a chip with the same mark is being tested in Cinebench R15 on a board with a B560 chipset.

The Core i9 Rocker Lake lineup will feature two samples: the Core i9-11900 and the Core i9-11900K. Following tradition, a K-marked processor will support multiplier overclocking. Another difference between these processors is TDP. The i9-11900 claims 65W (PL1), while the i9-11900K claims 125W (PL1) TDP. Under load, the TDP figure, according to preliminary calculations, will rise to 225 for the processor with a locked multiplier and up to 250 W for the i9-11900K.

Moving on to new benchmarks in Cinebench R20, the Core i9-11900 scored 529 points for single-core performance and an average of 4,683 points for multi-core.

In Cinebench R15, the test unit scored 217 and 1929 points, respectively.

In all tests, the processor ran on an unreleased motherboard with a B560 chipset. The new 500 chipset motherboards are expected to be unveiled a few months before the launch of the Rocket Lake-S processors. However, the LGA1200 socket has not changed, so motherboards with a 400 chipset will still be relevant.

Thus, even the engineering prototype of the new generation of processors is faster in single-threaded workloads than most previous Intel processors. Apparently, the company decided not to chase an increase in the number of cores, but to focus on what has always been Intel’s strong point – core performance. By the way, the multi-threaded performance seems weak so far, but you need to understand that this is an engineering sample, and at release the clock speeds for all cores will be increased, which should correct the situation with the current low benchmarks.

A source: Videocardz

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