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Inside the PlayStation 5: Sony disassembled the PS5 on video, showing the insides of the console

by Henry Brown


Yesterday, Sony suddenly released a seven-minute video taking apart the upcoming PlayStation 5. This video gives all fans the best possible look at the PS5 as we now know literally everything about its insides, as well as how exactly its sides are removed. Disassembled on video by Yasuhiro Ootori, head of Sony’s PS5 mechanical engineering division. And the first thing to note is that the entire rear of the PS5 is “designed to blow hot air out of the console.”

The white panels on both sides of the console can be removed surprisingly very easily by simply sliding and lifting them slightly. Once you’ve done that, your gaze will open up to the main cooling fan on top of the PS5, which serves to draw in air. Sony also uses two dust extractors in its console, which no one previously knew about. Anyway, this video is of the greatest interest to all of us in the sense that we now know almost everything about the expandable storage of the set-top box, which is represented by the M.2 slot. The view on it opens immediately after removing the side panels. That is, all future PS5 owners will be able to optionally purchase additional PCIe 4.0 compatible drives to upgrade or expand their PlayStation’s storage.

Another not unimportant factor is the ease and convenience of repairing the console. You can clearly see that this time Sony has made its console even more repair-friendly. It’s worth noting that the Blu-ray drive is surprisingly removable, as well as the section with the processor, RAM and SSD – all of which are easily accessible. And yes, the 350W PSU can be removed in a similar manner. The fan that Sony uses inside the PlayStation 5 is a large, double-sided air intake with a diameter of 120 mm and a thickness of 45 mm. There is also a radiator in the console, thanks to which the cooling works even better.

According to Sony, this radiator uses the “steam chamber” principle for cooling. Sony uses liquid metal for cooling in the PS5. This fact should also help reduce both the temperature and the noise emitted by the fan, which is a significant problem for the current PS4. This liquid metal cooling was developed, according to the company, for two years. So if you had doubts about the fact that the PlayStation 5 will be very hot or noisy, then the video mentioned above was created just in order to dispel all your doubts.


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