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Inside Reveals First Details About Big Navi Mobile Graphics Cards



The shortage of components on the market does not subside, however, this does not prevent manufacturers from preparing new devices for release. AMD is already starting preparations for the presentation of mobile video cards and processors. And something about the new graphics from the red company is already known.

More information about the yet unannounced line appeared on Twitter. Here’s what Patrick Schur, a renowned insider, spoke about the flagship direction of the Big Navi family.

This Navi 22 comes in two versions – the powerful XT and the simplified XL (these are unofficial names). The older version of the accelerator will have a thermal package of 146 watts. The power of the younger one is not exactly indicated, but it is known that the video memory of the new products will work with 192-bit (there is a typo in the tweet) and 160-bit buses, respectively. At the same time, it is planned to use up to 6 chips on the XT, while in the younger XL up to 5. Perhaps it will be 12 GB and 10 GB of video memory. More than some Nvidia desktop accelerators.

As an insider, it is known that the cache size for SAM will be 96 MB. Also, video cards of this family will be able to offer up to 40 computing processors (2560 streaming).

Frequency indicators have not yet been specified. But the BIOS for models of the cheaper Navi 23 line has already been studied in Igor ‘Lab.

The Germans shared a screenshot showing the main technical characteristics of this family. So, the maximum frequency for such chips is 2350 MHz, which is much lower than that of the desktop brothers. Nevertheless, Navi 23 mobile accelerators have very low heat dissipation – up to 90 watts. It is likely that the older Navi 22 line boasts higher frequencies.

Source: twitter

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