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In Xbox Series X, you can independently replace the built-in SSD with a regular one



There will be no hard-wired solid state drives. In the new Xbox Series X from Microsoft, it can be replaced. An engineering genius and dexterity is not needed for this, you can do it yourself.

The same cannot be said about Sony with their new PlayStation 5. The irony is that the device has a second disc slot, but it will not work to install the disc on its own. The fact is that the necessary elements for replacement are soldered into the board itself.

If we talk about Microsoft, then the Xbox Series X uses M2 NVME from the infamous Western Digital brand. Probably, the younger version of the Xbos Series S console uses it.

This can be called great news for everyone who is used to installing a large number of games on their system. With official Microsoft SSDs starting at $ 200 (40% of the cost of the Xbox Series X itself), buying your own SSD is a good alternative and opportunity to save money.

Source: Twitter

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