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In WhatsApp, you can easily hide your correspondence from strangers



The WhatsApp developers continue to delight users with all kinds of life hacks, tips and news about the hidden features of the messenger. The last portion of revelations on this score was made public the day before. The recommendations voiced by experts relate to preserving the confidentiality of subscribers and hiding correspondence from others.

WhatsApp developer tips on this subject

  1. Using the “Was (s)” status to gain invisibility during communication.
  2. Concealment of your presence by responding to messages through notifications (“Reply” key).
  3. Do not shake your smartphone.
  4. Refusal from the demo set of messages.
  5. Setting a password to log into WhatsApp.
  6. Keep your phone away from unauthorized people.

Recall that earlier the developers of the messenger talked about the improvement of the feedback option and the ability to establish the fact that the account was added to the “black” list by other users.

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