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In WhatsApp, journalists found applications for tracking people




According to foreign media Business Insider, special programs allow you to track when another person is online in WhatsApp and how often she opens the messenger. The article states that these programs are used for stalking (from the English. Stalking) – obsessive harassment and surveillance of people.

The only thing these applications are capable of is to make a schedule of when the user was online in WhatsApp, and send a message to your smartphone when another opened the messenger. The description of such programs usually suggests, for example, to monitor children so that they do not correspond at night.

But there is another feature for the jealous – you can track the activity of two contacts and compare the time, how often they are online at the same time. In this way, they offer to determine whether your partner is cheating on you or not.

Journalists believe that such programs go beyond the security and privacy of users. However, these programs use only open data, just collect them automatically and combine them into one array. WhatsApp representatives say that they are struggling with programs for different types of tracking and ask app stores to remove them. But it is these programs for tracking the online status of others that do not directly violate the rules of stores, so it is difficult to fight them.


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