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In iOS 14 it is possible to change the icons




The OS for the iPhone is increasingly attracting the attention of users. It was recently discovered that it was possible to change the icon design for iOS 14. Earlier, Apple opposed the individualization of the OS.

Some Web users have started making money on custom icons. For example, the designer was able to get $ 9,240 per night by creating icons for iOS 14. After 13 years of existence, the creators allowed to change its appearance. The company did not offer certain topics or templates, but gave the owners the opportunity to choose them.

This innovation is one of the few to change the design of the desktop. Earlier it became possible to change the location of widgets on the desktop. The owners decided to experiment with this tool. For example, iOS 14 may now have a design version of the style skevomorphism. It was used in the first versions of the OS. This style of interface mimics real materials and textures.

To convert the iPhone interface, you need to open the “Commands” program and use “Add action”, kill in the search bar “Open application”, take “Open program”, then “Select”. A list of applications installed on the smartphone will appear on the screen. You need to find and select a program to change the icon. The system will be able to add a shortcut for it. Next, you need to open an additional menu, click “Add to home screen”, enter a name in the field “Name and icon on the home screen” and select the pop-up menu “Select photo”, which can be edited. Then click “Select” in the lower right corner of the screen > “Add” > “Done”.

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