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iFixit disassembled the iPhone 12 and came to some interesting conclusions



A team of talented iFixit dismantlers recently made a full analysis of the new flagship from Apple in the person of the iPhone 12 and its expanded counterpart iPhone 12 Pro and came to the conclusion that although smartphones are assembled more than qualitatively, they still represent a noticeable level difficulties, if necessary, to carry out self-repair. And today Apple has released an official statement, which openly testifies that unauthorized repair and maintenance of the iPhone 12 outside the official service centers of the company can threaten various software and hardware errors in the operation of the device.

More specifically, Apple means that when trying to fix a mobile device or replace one or another component by uncertified service centers, in the future it is very likely that the device simply will not work as originally intended by the company. And in fact, today the iFixit disassembly team, having analyzed the peculiarities of the internal arrangement of the iPhone 12 components, came to the conclusion that although the device can boast of a truly competent modular addition of components, nevertheless, when trying to repair it yourself, it can surprise with unusually complex moments in micro- service.

And then problems can appear in the software shell, ranging from not quite accurate touch screen feedback and ending with system crashes when trying to switch from video to photo mode and vice versa. All these and some other problems in one way or another are the result of uncertified device repair.

Thus, Apple once again points to the fact that users and owners of future flagships – as well as current models – must, in one way or another, rely on proposals from verified and authorized Apple repair centers, or its direct partners, which can be found in list. All other formats and methods of self-repair should be carried out at your own peril and risk and, of course, in the case of not entirely successful repairs, they automatically drop out of warranty service.

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