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Hyundai plans to release a lineup of flying cars by 2028




Carmaker Hyundai is developing a line of flying cars. This was stated by the head of the urban air mobility division Shin Jaewon.

The company plans to enter a new market in 2028. The lineup will include vehicles capable of carrying five to six people within a city, and a larger version capable of flying between cities. Across the sky in a zigzag path.

People who are always in a traffic jam on their way home will understand how convenient it is to get around with the help of aircraft. That’s when we will see a sharp rise in demand.

The first aircraft of the Hyundai Motor Group will begin testing as early as 2023. However, the development of the industry and the regulation of legal norms are expected only by 2028.

Let us remind you that the South Korean manufacturer is actively working to develop the automotive industry. For example, within the framework of CES 2019, the company showed the concept of a walking car for working in places of man-made and natural disasters, and in June 2020, together with Yandex, it presented the fourth generation of unmanned vehicles.


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