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Hyundai may buy out Boston Dynamics



Even if you are far from modern technologies, do not know what artificial intelligence and machine learning are, and are not aware of all the innovations in robotics, you still have at least sometime heard about such a company as Boston Dynamics. At its core, it is one of the largest robotic companies in the world that specializes in the design and creation of robots such as Spot. And it would seem that this company is separate, independent of anyone. This is true, but soon this state of affairs may change.

According to the authoritative publication Bloomberg, Boston Dynamics may be taken over by the South Korean carmaker Hyundai. The sources mentioned above report that the current owner of Boston Dynamics represented by Softbank is currently actively negotiating with the South Korean automaker Hyundai. And what is most interesting is that we already know the preliminary amount for which the transaction will be made. Hyundai’s acquisition of such a famous and promising robotics company could cost $ 1 billion.

However, it is worth mentioning the fact that Bloomberg notes that nothing has been agreed at the moment, and the deal may ultimately not take place at all. And yes, you are most likely confused by the very news that Boston Dynamics wants to be bought by none other than the car manufacturer Hyundai. However, in fact, this company has all the prerequisites to further develop the ideas of Boston Dynamics even more. You may not be aware of this, but this South Korean company also has a dedicated industrial robotics team that will make Boston Dynamics’ technology feel great in Hyundai’s hands. So, you can’t call Hyundai a newcomer in this area.

And besides, the company just recently announced its new studio called “New Horizons”, within which a variety of futuristic concepts will be developed. Well, if we talk about whether the merger of the above two companies will be beneficial for you and me, consumers, then the answer is simple – no doubt. Thanks to this, Boston Dynamics will receive a large number of additional resources, thanks to which the development of robotics, firstly, will accelerate, and secondly, it will affect much more areas of our life. Well, since robotics will receive such a serious impetus, then a greater commercialization of robots can be expected next, making them much easier to acquire.

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