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Humble Bundle changes strategy and launches an app



At Humble Bundle, it’s time for change. The company that has become known as a digital showcase for video games has decided to completely review its offers. In a recent announcement, she said she plans to completely shake up the cost and benefits offered by her Humble Choice subscription.

Credit – Humble Bundle

The company also decided to launch its own app. Titled Humble, it should provide members with the full collection of games that Humble has.

The Humble Choice Pack gets a facelift

Humble Bundle is a concept that was pioneered by Jeffery Rosen. The principle of the project is quite simple. This is to allow players to have lots of games by paying the amount they wanted to have them. A portion of the money paid by players is donated to charity.

From the launch of the project in 2010, it was immediately successful. On the one hand, it allowed players to have good games at affordable prices and on the other hand, it helped game developers to sell their products quickly.

It must be said that the Humble Bundle offer has not remained static all this time. It has evolved a lot through a number of changes relating to subscription models, game packs and available content.

However, this is the first time that the company has decided to make such profound changes to its offer. Said changes come through a drastic modification of the Humble Choice Pack.

Previously, it was offered in several options. From now on, it will be available in a single version, the price of which will be set at 12 dollars per month. The company also indicated that the lineup of games selected may vary each month.


An application made available to customers

On the other hand, Humble, has indicated that now subscribers will no longer have a choice in terms of which games to keep. They will be entitled to a full list of games offered by the company itself each month. A list that cannot be modified.

According to Humble, these changes have been implemented in line with community expectations. Which completely justifies the Humble app that the company launched in the wake of all these changes.

This is a kind of game launcher designed for PC only. It should also allow people who are members to have access to the Humble Games Collection. The latter is a library of games selected especially for the occasion.

The collection should be available from February with games like Unsighted, Wizard of Legend, Void Bastards, Dodgeball Academia or Forager. However, Humble warned that a subscriber automatically loses access to the library as soon as they cancel their membership or skip a month. Skipping a month automatically resets the 20% member discount.

Finally, it must be said that Humble does not seek to make its application the only way to access its offers. Games owned by the Humble Choice will still be available on other launchers through game keys.

Source: Game Rant


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To play Xbox using any Android mobile



Nintendo found a good niche with the Switch, and Sony flopped with the Vita, but that doesn’t mean “console-quality” handheld gaming isn’t interesting, you just have to find the right way to showcase it to the consumer.

Microsoft is committed to gaming in the cloud with Xbox Game Pass, and that allows games to be streamed directly from the Xbox console itself to mobile, something that many take advantage of to play with touch screen controls. Now a much more practical solution appears.

It is a mobile controller called RIG MG-X, created by Nacon and officially licensed by Microsoft. It works with virtually any Android phone, and offers the controls that appear on the standard Xbox One controller.

The idea is to be able to play Game Pass games without the need for touch controls, as if we were in front of the console.

There are already others on the market with the same idea, such as the Razer Kishi, but this RIG MG-X is more practical and attractive, since the same buttons that we use on the Xbox controller can be used.

The phone is placed in the middle and connected via Bluetooth. It is compatible with any phone running Android 6 and above, and with screens up to 6.7 inches.

Charging is done via USB-C, and the battery gives autonomy of about 20 hours.

In TheVerge They have been able to test it, and although they criticize that some buttons have to be pressed more than they should, in general they are very satisfied with the experience. It can also be used with non-Xbox games.

The only con found is that it is not good for racing games, but for the rest it seems the ideal option.

By the way, it’s already available for $80 on amazon


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The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is coming next month to Switch Online



Nintendo is just coming to announce the exit of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask on Nintendo 64 catalog of the subscription Nintendo Switch Online + Additional Pack. After welcoming Paper Mario last month, another cult title from the 64-bit console arrived on Nintendo’s mobile console subscription; and a selection of choices, to boot.


Link in Termina phase

Is there still need to present The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask ? In the large community of fans of the franchise, this second Nintendo 64 installment is pulling the punches with its predecessor Ocarina of Time for the coveted title of “best Zelda of all time”; a purist match which we will avoid taking sides. The followers of Majora, however, have important arguments in their favor: it is one of the most unique episodes of the saga, as much in terms of atmosphere and artistic direction as of gameplay.

With its famous three-day system and time travel, Majora’s Mask is also known for introducing the antagonist Skull Kid—and all the mysteries surrounding him. All that remains is to cross your fingers for a better quality emulation compared to the other games in the catalog. No specific release day has been announced, but we should probably expect its arrival in the second half of next month, which would coincide with the monthly release rate of titles on the Nintendo 64 catalog.

The Switch is rare

Still in the news of Nintendo Switch Online + Additional Pack, another Nintendo 64 title will join the catalog today: it is Banjo-Kazooie, the cult platformer from Rareware studio. Its announcement over the past month had raised several questions, and for good reason—Rare being currently under the fold of Microsoft, its Switch release could open the doors to other games from the studio like Perfect Dark, or who knows, goldeneye 007… Hope gives life.


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PlayStation creator Ken Kutaragi doesn’t see the point of VR headsets



Ken Kutaragi, the man who brilliantly launched Sony into video games, today has some pretty harsh words about virtual worlds and VR headsets. Regarding the latter, the “dad of the PlayStation” thus declared to find them “boring”.

In December 2019, the one who was still honorary president of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. looked back on twenty-five years of PlayStation history. And if Ken Kutaragi then mentioned the future of the brand, he did not speak about what Sony had developed after him. In particular virtual reality materialized in the PlayStation VR.

YouTube credit.

It may have been better if the father of PlayStation hadn’t said anything about it, because those words would probably never have been validated. We have just learned, in an interview with Bloomberg, that Ken Kutaragi is far from being interested in virtual reality such as that which is approached with a helmet.

Father of PlayStation finds VR headsets ‘boring’

Ken Kutaragi begins by considering that in his view, the metaverse (a virtual world, quite simply) is of little use insofar as it mimics reality:

“Being in the real world is very important, but the metaverse is about doing near-real in the virtual world, and I don’t see the point of doing that. Prefer to be a flawless avatar instead of your real person? It’s essentially no different from anonymous messaging sites.”

Following the train of thought of the one who now works on assistance robots, we will not be surprised to see him shoot orange bullets at virtual reality helmets:

“Helmets would isolate you from the real world, and I can’t agree with that. Helmets are just boring”.

Sony is however preparing to finalize the second phase of its entry into the world of virtual reality, with the recent presentation of the PlayStation VR2 at CES 2022. Horizon Call of the Mountain, jointly developed by Guerilla and PlayStation Firesprite, was the first title announced on this new device. The PS VR2 could land at the end of the year.

Source: Bloomberg


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