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Huawei will invest over $ 1 billion in technology development in Russia



Russia is one of the key markets for Huawei, and therefore the news that the Chinese company is going to invest in the development of technologies in the country did not surprise anyone. But I was surprised by the size of these investments – Huawei is going to invest more than one billion dollars in cooperation with Russia.

Aiden Wu, the head of Huawei Eurasia, announced that the company is ready to invest a large sum in the development of technologies in the Russian market at the Digital Community 2020 conference in Moscow these days. He spoke about the tasks of Russia in the field of digitalization and how Huawei can help in this. According to him, the billion dollars allocated by Huawei will go to local purchases, research, development and the formation of an ecosystem for the progress of the so-called “Digital Community” in Russia.

The CEO of Huawei in the Eurasian region also noted that Russia already has powerful software and all the opportunities for conducting scientific research. And in partnership with Huawei, the country will accelerate the introduction of Russian developments into production, from which the whole world will benefit.

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