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Huawei patents clamshell smartphone with flexible display without folds



This patent was filed by the company back in April 2019, but was approved only at the end of October 2020. This means that the solution is documented earlier than those already presented, but at the same time it has a significant advantage. Huawei has shown an intricate hinge that stretches the display when the smartphone is folded, avoiding the center crease.

The main drawback of smartphones with flexible screens is the noticeable crease in the center of the OLED display. It can be said that in the patent the screen does not fold completely, leaving space between the surfaces at the point of fold. You can see how it looks in the documentation in the images below.

The pictures show a clamshell that looks like Motorola Razr. This solution is designed for smartphones, and it is unlikely that the developers envisioned implementation in tablets.

Huawei has already created several patents for clamshell phones, which indicates a desire to create their own smartphone in a similar format. Time will tell whether the company decides on this or the patents remain on paper.

Source: gizmochina

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