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Huawei P Smart 2021 Review – New Smartphone With Old Problems?



Features of the model

Everyone treats new products from Huawei differently, all due to the lack of Google services. But when a new model comes out Huawei P Smart, inevitably I want to know more about her. First acquaintance with Huawei P Smart 2021 leaves a good impression, because the smartphone looks very modern and in general it seems that at last you can not suffer from doubts, but buy a new model. However, on verification it turns out that the filling smartphone Huawei P Smart 2021 far from ideal. The problem lies in the outdated processor and the most basic cameras. Why then on Huawei P Smart 2021 price set at 17,000 rubles? The phone has a powerful battery and a good screen, and as far as cameras and processor are concerned, a lot depends on the user’s sophistication. Do the dignity outweigh Huawei P Smart phone all the flaws? More on this later.


New Huawei P Smart looks like this flagship model. The back panel is made of plastic, pleasant to the touch, there are no unnecessary elements here – only a camera block consisting of four lenses located one under the other. There is no fingerprint scanner here. Body edges smartphone Huawei P Smart 2021 rounded, so despite the large size, the smartphone fits comfortably in the hand. Although the cover in the kit is a little lacking, so that everything is surely perfect. There are three color options: green, gold and black. And they all look equally good. There is no such thing that some color looks good and some bad. Front Panel Huawei P Smart 2021 also made in the spirit of modern realities. The front camera cutout is located in the center. The bezels around the screen are minimal, only the lower one stands out a little more than others. The right side panel houses the volume keys and the power button, where the fingerprint scanner is also hidden. It works smartly. A face unlock scanner is also present. There are both Mini Jack and Type-C, while the sound is output from these two sources, which is very convenient. And although this is small, but still a plus in the piggy bank phone Huawei P Smart. The phone’s dimensions are impressive – 0.9 cm thick, 16.56 cm long, and 7.68 cm wide. The weight is 206 grams. The body is bulky, but the phone is very comfortable to hold in the hand.


Have Huawei P Smart screen large, 6.67 inches, with a resolution of 2400 * 1800 pixels, and a pixel density of 394 ppi. The frames are small, except for the chin that stands out slightly against the general background. And the cutout for the front camera does not take up too much space, although it might look better in the corner of the screen Huawei P Smart 2021… But these are already particulars. Amoled, which is now put in almost all smartphones with an average price tag, they preferred an IPS matrix here. And this did not affect the image quality much. Yes, there is a difference between matrices, but this is already a matter of taste. Moreover, at Huawei P Smart display quite well implemented. You can set a mode in which the smartphone will choose the screen resolution itself, while significantly saving energy. Have smartphone Huawei P Smart 2021 good viewing angles, color rendition and brightness. During the day, under the rays of the bright scorching sun, information is easily read on the screen. A screen without any peculiarities, like a high hertz of the screen. It’s a simple but good display with no frills.

Processor, memory speed

What smartphone Huawei P Smart 2021 works on the outdated Kirin710A chip, no one is happy. This not the most productive processor has few fans. But nevertheless, in the process of normal use of the phone, this processor shows itself very well. There are no lags, signings and the feeling that Huawei P Smart 2021 could work more. No, it’s actually fast, multitasking is also fast and there are no signing. But there is one but. In games, insufficient processor power is felt, because Huawei P Smart 2021 Specs not the most powerful in terms of performance. Not in ordinary, simplest games, but in shooters. For example, it is simply impossible to play Call of duty and similar games at maximum graphics settings. We’ll have to switch to the minimum settings. If you choose a smartphone for gaming, then the new Huawei P Smart 2021 phone definitely not your option, but if the games are not important, and it is enough for the smartphone to simply work quickly, then this model will do. As for the memory, there is 4 GB of RAM, and the built-in memory is 128 GB, and at the same time, you can increase the amount of storage by using a 512 GB memory card.


The smartphone has 4 cameras. The main module Huawei P Smart 2021 Specs has the following: 48 megapixels and light sensitivity f / 1.8. This allows you to take good pictures in good natural light conditions. If the light is artificial or there is little of it, then noise, dark areas appear, and in bright sun, on the contrary, glare. The image quality deteriorates slightly in the evening, and significantly at night. That is, you still need to get used to the camera and almost always the owner of the phone will depend on the lighting conditions. The detail in the shots also depends on how good the lighting is. There is a night mode, it saves the situation a little, but you also need to practice. An 8 MP wide-angle module with f / 2.4 light sensitivity is, of course, a good opportunity Huawei P Smart 2021, however, it is slightly underdeveloped. The problem with such pictures is the lack of detail and deterioration in brightness. The 2 MP macro lens is unremarkable, you can’t achieve any supernatural effects in the photo here. That is, in fact, there is not much difference if you photograph an object with a macro camera smartphone Huawei P Smart 2021 and just zoom in on the camera and take a photo with the main module. The 2MP background blur lens does its job well. The 8 MP front camera is a photo that will turn out to be successful in good lighting and a firm hand. If at least one of the conditions is violated – write wasted. This camera Huawei P Smart does not tolerate shaking hands, otherwise the photo will be terribly blurry. As for the video, the problem here is stabilization, it simply does not exist. Therefore, the video sequence turns out to be very unpleasant – the camera shakes and only the stabilizer can save the situation. Or the very skillful hands of the photographer. Moreover, the maximum image is also not the highest – it is Full HD. And again, there would be a modern processor, it would be possible to roam with a camera, but alas – we have what we have.

Autonomy and functionality

Here’s what not to find fault with, it’s the battery smartphone Huawei P Smart 2021… A 5000 mAh battery is installed here, which gives the user in total about 2 days of operation from a single charge. Even with the maximum load Huawei P Smart 2021 phone, it will last at least one day, but with average loads it is still 2 days. And that’s great news. Also included with the smartphone is a 22.5 W charger, which means that you can quickly restore the charge in just an hour. This feature is simply gorgeous for such a powerful battery. In addition, 2 hours of use can be achieved in just 10 minutes of charging Huawei P Smart 2021… In an emergency, this will help a lot. For data transfer, Bluetooth 5.1 is used, there is a dual-band Wi-Fi, but with all this, the lack of NFC is very upsetting.

Shell, interface and services

Works smartphone Huawei P Smart 2021 on Android 10 OS with EMUI 10.1 shell. The interface is familiar to all users accustomed to the company’s phones. Google services are still not working, so an AppGallery store has been created for users to replace the Google store. Not all applications are available in AppGallery, but almost all the main ones are already available for download. And those applications that are not here can be downloaded “on the side”. You don’t even need to search for them on the Internet yourself. Petal Search’s dedicated app Huawei P Smart 2021 allows you to find the programs you are missing and download them. For those for whom such actions do not seem to be something difficult, the absence of Google will not cause inconvenience. Those who do not want to bother and waste time should not look closely at the smartphones of this manufacturer yet.

Is a smartphone worth buying?

Smartphone Huawei P Smart 2021 turned out to be quite ambiguous. Of the obvious strengths, it has a battery, fast charging and wireless interfaces. Lack of NFC, weak processor and cameras are obvious disadvantages, due to which Huawei P Smart 2021 buy not everyone wants. However, a lot here depends on the needs of the user. If such a filling is enough, then you can choose this model. And you can also look at other models from this price category and sometimes get an even more productive model, because on Huawei P Smart 2021 price not the smallest installed. And it is even possible to buy something cheaper, but with similar functionality. As for the sanctions imposed on the company, here in many respects the difficulties have already been overcome, therefore they are not as noticeable now as it was a year ago. therefore Huawei P Smart 2021 – this is a very controversial model and the choice should be approached in as much detail as possible.


Screen: 6.67 inches, resolution 2400 * 1080 pixels, IPS matrix
Processor: Kirin 710A, 8 cores: 4 Cortex-A73 2.0 GHz and 4 cores Cortex-A53 Based on 1.7 GHz
Graphics chip: Mali G51-MP4
Operating system: EMUI 10.1, Android 10
Built-in memory: 128 GB, memory card up to 512 GB
Main camera: 48 MP (F / 1.8 aperture) + 8 MP 120 ° wide-angle module, F / 2.4 aperture + 2 MP F / 2.4 aperture + 2 MP F / 2.4 aperture (macro)
Front camera: 8 MP, f / 2.0 aperture
Battery: 5000 mAh, fast charging 22.5 W
Wireless connection and interfaces: 802.11b / g / n, 2.4 GHz, Bluetooth 5.1, BLE, SBC, AAC, Type-C, USB 2.0, Mini Jack
Geolocation: GPS, AGPS, Glonass, BeiDou
NFC: no
Size: 7.68 * 16.5 * 0.92cm
Weight: 206 grams

Source: Huawei

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