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Huawei listened to users and returned to physical buttons in Huawei Mate 40, but kept new virtual keys too



In the Huawei Mate 40 line of smartphones, the manufacturer used not so much curved screens, and also returned the physical volume keys.

Recall that the previous flagship did not have physical buttons for volume control. To adjust the sound, you had to double-click on the sidebar, after which the corresponding slider appeared.

In an interview following the unveiling of the Mate 40 in China, Bruce Lee, vice president of Huawei’s mobile phone lineup, said the return of the physical buttons was the company’s response to user feedback. Some people liked the virtual buttons, but some were vehemently against this innovation.

At the same time, the company took care of everyone: Huawei returned the physical control keys and retained the virtual volume buttons.

In addition, Huawei CEO Yu Chengdong mentioned at a press conference that the Huawei Mate 40 series also received a new anti-false positive algorithm. Therefore, the smartphone is comfortable to operate even with one hand.

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