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Huawei is trying to get out of a difficult situation. Built the first chip manufacturing plant in Wuhan



After the United States decided that it was not necessary to be friends with China, especially in the world of electronics, and began to actively drown Huawei, the Chinese began to think that they somehow used too much American. And something needs to be done urgently with this. Therefore, now China is making a lot of efforts to be completely independent in semiconductors and microcircuits in order to reduce the influence of the West and increase its influence on everything. In general, patriotism, development, construction of new factories – all this is now actively taking place in China. And we all know about it.

The good news for Huawei is that the Chinese giant has finally finished building its first chip factory.
The first own factory was named Wuhan Huawei Optical Factory Project and it is located, as you understand from the name, in Wuhan. The area of ​​this small local factory is only 209 thousand square meters. It is also now Huawei’s largest research center in central China. There is a factory, a power plant, a software development department, and an even larger bunch of other structures and necessary facilities.

The Wuhan Huawei Optical Factory Project will now be the internal main center for Huawei, where they will develop technologies, improve the capabilities of optics and, in general, everything about advanced technologies and so on. The plant has yet to be launched. And at first it will only produce microcircuits. Next, a complete industrial semiconductor circuit will be created – from design to packaging of finished products (including production, tests, and so on).

And if you think that Huawei has no more plans for new factories, then you are greatly mistaken. This will be the first, but far from the only such case from Huawei. The company plans to launch another chipset manufacturing plant in Shanghai. Well, as for the manufactured products, then in 2021 Huawei will have 45 nanometer products. In a year, it will already be 28 nanometers. And this is in our time, when all competitors have already reached the 5-nanometer process technology and continue to heat further.

Source: GizmoChina


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