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Huawei EMUI 11 will appear with cross-platform support on September 10




Huawei has officially announced EMUI 11 – the latest custom skin based on the Android OS. Branded EMUI 11 will debut on September 10.

In an official statement from the company on Weibo, the company wrote the following: “Smartphones are not just mobile phones. What else can they be? ”

Huawei has long been trying to make its e-ecosystem more integrated, and this message may hint at cross-platform support. The same theory is confirmed by the poster – it depicts various devices, such as a refrigerator, air conditioner and other household appliances that synchronize with the smartphone.

EMUI 11 is the latest version of the company’s custom skin. According to Huawei Consumer Software President Wang Chenlu, this software will be more mature in terms of the application of certain technologies, and the style and design of EMUI 11 will be significantly different from EMUI 10.

Source: Gizmochina
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