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Huawei didn’t lie about superiority over Tesla. Published a video in which an electric car on the Huawei Inside platform famously copes with the chaos on the roads of China



A few days ago, we wrote that several large car manufacturers in China are preparing their electric vehicles on the Huawei platform at once – the Huawei Inside logo will become their distinctive sign. Then a top manager of the company said that Huawei Inside electric vehicles will be able to drive up to 1000 km in the city and will receive a full-fledged autopilot that Tesla never dreamed of. And now we can visually evaluate the work of the autonomous control system developed by Huawei in real life on a real public road with rather chaotic traffic.

This video was posted by one of the local bloggers. Road view from the showroom of Arcfox Alpha S. This is the first electric vehicle to be covered by the Huawei Inside program. Its production version will appear in the fourth quarter of this year, and the manufacturer is a large Chinese state-owned company BAIC. The blogger evaluates the work of the autopilot very positively: in his opinion, drivers with great experience can envy such agility. Indeed, it should be noted that the car quickly and promptly responds to obstacles (especially in the form of motorcyclists), which are abundant on Chinese roads. The thesis about the superiority of the Huawei autopilot over the Tesla autopilot is certainly controversial, but judging by this video, Huawei knows what they are talking about and are quite confident in their development.

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