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Huawei begins to recover from the crisis – Qualcomm has officially confirmed the receipt of the license for the supply of chips for Huawei



Recently, there have been reports of companies licensed to supply Huawei chips. A few days ago, reports surfaced that Qualcomm had obtained supply licenses for Huawei. However, the latest report shows that Qualcomm cannot supply Huawei with all kinds of chips. The company cannot supply Huawei with chips above 4G. Qualcomm has officially confirmed these reports, according to the Daily Business News.

A company spokesman said:

“We have obtained (for Huawei) licenses for some products, including some 4G products.”

However, Qualcomm has not disclosed when it may begin shipping 5G products to Huawei. Of course, this is not possible yet. Earlier this week, news broke that Qualcomm had received Huawei’s license. KeyBanc, a prominent Wall Street investment bank, said earlier this week that Qualcomm has received an export license to supply 4G chips to Huawei.

On July 30, Qualcomm announced that it has signed a patent licensing agreement with Huawei. The former will receive a one-time patent license fee of $ 1.8 billion. Qualcomm has also reached a long-term agreement with Huawei. It authorized Huawei to use Qualcomm’s proprietary technology. At its financial statement meeting on November 5, the company confirmed that it received a one-time payment of $ 1.8 billion from Huawei.

Apart from Qualcomm, Intel, AMD, Skyworks, many other chipmakers have confirmed that they are licensed to ship Huawei. There are also reports that Sony and Howe Technology may supply chips for Huawei.

Ahead of the release of the financial report on November 5, Qualcomm’s CEO said the company had applied to the US government for a license to sell Huawei chips, but received no response.

A source close to Huawei said Qualcomm’s license to supply Huawei would ease the dilemma with the high-end P and Mate series.

Huawei Chairman Guo Ping said in a public speech that if the US allows it, Huawei is ready to use Qualcomm chips.

Now it looks like the US will give permission to companies to supply Huawei products. Provided, however, that the technology has nothing to do with 5G. The current trend shows that the Huawei ban is more than just “national security”. You can forget about Kirin 9000 for now, and Qualcomm will take the leading position in 5G, since the company has practically no competitors.

Source: gizchina

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