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Huawei and Samsung continue cooperation under license



Huawei, as usual, continues to actively fight the ever-increasing economic bans on the purchase of various mobile equipment and raw materials from other companies and suppliers, and this is all because the US Chamber of Commerce continues to actively roll out such bans and the US government continues to see Huawei directly a threat to their national security. However, today some details have become known about Huawei’s ability to still get the mobile raw materials and equipment it needs so much, while completely legally bypassing the current economic prohibitions by the US Chamber of Commerce.

First of all, we are talking about the ongoing cooperation with the South Korean company Samsung, which is the main supplier of displays and related technologies for Huawei – moreover, many experts in the mobile industry are pushing at that moment that Samsung can easily sell OLED under a legal license. -panels for Huawei, however, this issue is still in doubt. A similar situation is unfolding between Huawei and Sony, which together with OmniVision today announced that it received a legal trade license to sell its camera sensors and certain parts for motherboards of Huawei mobile devices.

It is worth noting the fact that if the company is able to properly cope with the circumvention of these prohibitions by the US Chamber of Commerce, then most likely it will be able to release at least one more interesting mobile device after its current flagship, Huawei Mate, appears on the market. 40.

In addition, there is speculation that Huawei is likely to take some not entirely legal steps in order to get more working contracts with suppliers of certain mobile components, although there is still intrigue in this regard, since this information is mostly provided by insiders. , which reliability is not always worth relying on. It remains to await the final resolution of the current situation with Huawei, which may have additional problems in the future.

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