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How to quickly charge your smartphone and extend the life of the battery




Regardless of the brand and age of a smartphone or tablet, there are specific rules for charging its battery, subject to which, its life is significantly extended.


This question was asked by the presenter of the YouTube channel “Thebox – about technology and gadgets”, who revealed “intimate secrets” in the video.

  • When your gadget is on charge, leave it alone. Running applications, network and display operation take some of the energy going into the battery. If the smartphone is not touched, it will charge much faster. By adhering to this rule regularly, you will also extend the overall battery life.
  • To shorten the charging time of the device, close all applications and disconnect the networks. If you desperately need to be connected, leave only Wi-Fi (it consumes less energy than a mobile connection).
  • For those who believe it is true to discharge and charge up to 100% a new device several times – forget it. The service life of modern lithium-ion batteries is measured in cycles, which in the new apparatus are 300-500. Each time you charge your smartphone to full, or discharge to zero, you spend one cycle. The blogger advises to completely discharge the battery once every two months.
  • It would be ideal to keep the charge level between 20-80%. That is, you can and should charge more often. Researchers calculated that in this mode, the battery life can increase as much as 2,400 cycles.
  • For budget devices, it is extremely important to use the power supply and USB cable included in the kit. This will ensure that the battery life is set at the factory. Compatible chargers can gradually harm the battery, and ultimately completely disable it.
  • Do not leave your phone connected to a charger in direct sunlight or, for example, under a pillow. It happened that heating from the charging process, coupled with an external influence factor, led to the ignition of the battery.
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