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How to put a password on a computer with Windows 10



How to put a password on a computer with Windows 10

Using a computer without a password is like leaving an unlocked car in central Manhattan for the night.

Simply put, this is unsafe.

Even if it is a children’s computer on which there seems to be no valuable data.

Anyway, it may contain sensitive information.

Especially when it comes to your personal computer or laptop, which stores your photos, documents, etc., and your important accounts are open in the browser.

When you first start, Windows 10 obsessively prompts you to set a password (and a biometric login option if your laptop supports this feature).

Yes, and recently, it is impossible to activate Windows 10 without entering data about your Microsoft account.

In a word, everything is done so that you have no chance to use a computer without a password.

But in practice, many users turn off passwords over time to give themselves less trouble when you turn on the computer.

Suppose you or someone close to you did the same.

And now your computer is at risk.

Solving this problem will take you literally a minute.

What should be done

Below is an instruction on how to quickly set a password on Windows 10 so that it is requested when you turn on the computer or enter the system, as well as when the computer leaves sleep or when it is locked.

So, go to Start and find Setting (they are indicated by the gear icon on the left side of the start menu).

There you need to select the Accounts item, and then the Sign-in options item.

In the Password section, there will be a message saying that “your account does not have a password.” Select the Add option and enter a new password. You will also have the opportunity to select a password hint.

Choose carefully, the password should not be too simple and obvious, as well as a hint to it. Select Next and the password will be saved.

Now it will be requested each time the computer is turned on, when it is locked (it can be turned on using the Win + L keys.

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