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How to Improve the Quality of Stories and Photos in Instagram on Android



How to Improve the Quality of Stories and Photos in Instagram on Android

We all know that Instagram for Android loads Stories – terribly, and the quality of pictures in the tape drops noticeably. We found a way to fix it and tell!

Why do Instagram stories look bad on Android?

One of the most common questions about new smartphones that I get: how does Stories shoot? And the answer is usually the same – so-so. Compared to iPhone.

But something has changed. Today we’ll show you how to improve the quality of stories on Android. In addition, let’s talk about the quality of the photo, which is also greatly compressed. And pumping the quality of photographs, we are not just at the level of the iPhone, but even better. At the same time, let’s figure out why this is happening.

Okay Why in general the quality of video in the story on Android is worse than on the iPhone. There are many versions.

One of them is that iPhone for application developers is a priority. There is a rumor that on Android the image is generally taken by capturing the screen from the Camera application.

In fact, there seem to be two reasons:

  1. If you believe the developers, the iPhone has better camera APIs. Gives a high-quality stream, plus built-in hardware support for the native codec. Unlike Android, for which everything is different.
  2. Instagram compression algorithms are really arranged somehow in a rustic way. At the time of download, before publication, the application converts your video or photo into the format it needs. And often at the same time it greatly compresses the quality. Moreover, the algorithm may depend on both the device and the quality of the Internet. Mobile signal – we compress better, Wi-Fi – leave something.

Surely, you came across instructions like: re-save your photo and video in such and such a resolution, with such and such settings. So that Instagram does not compress it yourself. And then the quality in the tape will really be better. Such methods work.

What to do?

We will need a modification of the Instagram application called Instander. In fact, this is the same Instagram with only some additional settings and looks absolutely the same.

This is already a fairly well-known mod, as I understand it.

But personally, I’m not a big fan of installing random APKs. Therefore, just in case, I checked it through the Virustotal service for malware. It seems OK. By the way, I recommend doing this if you are downloading something from unknown places.

What does it allow to do?

Leveling Stories on Android

Let’s start by leveling up the Stories. On your page there is a section with additional settings. Open the Stories block. We put a tick in it about the quality of the video – 10 Mbps. And look what happens.

The same Stories on Pixel 4 looks very different – in the usual Instagram and Instander. The iPhone is still better, there are noises in the dark, but the difference with the regular application is obvious!

And it’s understandable why: if we look at the metadata, we see that the resolution for all three videos is the same – 720p. But the bitrate, that is, the quality of the video stream for one second, is different. The upgraded Instagram has almost 3 Mbps, the iPhone has 1.5 Mbps, and the standard Android application has about 1.3 Mbps. The ratio of video files is approximately the same.

Why is iPhone still better with less bitrate? Due to the camera API, I already talked about this.

But still, the increase in quality is obvious. more than double compared to standard Instagram. Hence, much less compression artifacts.

Interestingly, this does not work out on all devices. For example, on Xiaomi, you can get 10 Mbps. And here I tried it on the Galaxy S20. This is even worse than in the default application. And the quality dropped to 480p.

We will carry out the second experiment. Let’s try to download 4K video, and see what happens. And here I see no difference. In all three cases, Instagram was terribly compressing the file. Although the bitrate is better than the front camera, about 2 Mbps. So for quality stories you need to record them through the application itself!


But that’s not all. The quality of photos with Android is also often kinked by Instagram. This is not so noticeable, but there is. And our Instander will help to overcome this. And most importantly, even make your pictures look much cooler.

What should be done? We go into other settings – for developers: for this you need to hold the “Home” button. We go to the Experimental Functions section, search for the word Photo and in the Creation block we see two parameters: compression and resolution.

The fact is that Instagram by default compresses JPEG photos with a parameter of 70 percent, and the resolution decreases to 1440p. With these settings, we can increase the quality as much as 95 percent! And raise the resolution to 2160p.

As a result, the same photo downloaded through different client applications looks to put it mildly in different ways.

By the way, the application developer told us that he was going to file an update of the application by air.

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