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How to contact TikTok by email, phone and other ways?



If you want to contact them because you have any query, concern, complaint, suggestion, problem Or you simply want to report something that is not right, we will tell you the different ways you can do it by email, form, corresponding sections depending on your query, social networks and by mail. Discover the ways in which you can easily contact them and choose the one that best suits your preferences.

We answer the question about how to contact TikTok and if it is possible to do so in all possible ways, we anticipate that one of the ones that you will not be able to use is the telephone, and we give advice to do it more effectively in your queries. It is important to do it in the most appropriate contact form, providing all the necessary information, briefly and concisely, for greater efficiency. If you want to contact them, we will tell you how!

Contact by email

Although most companies already have a free phone and even a WhatsApp account that users can contact, so far TikTok does not have a phone by which you could contact them directly, so you can only do it by email, forms or mail.

You can contact them by email at their TikTok customer service at the address [email protected]. As it is a suggestion account, if you have any incident it is best to do so by reporting the problem in the form that we indicate later or in the following regional emails. Don’t be tempted to [email protected] because it is only for the United States.

If you write from Spain or Europe, would they have this email [email protected] and in Latin America [email protected] Another contact email that they advertise from their own social networks is [email protected] If you are from the press, you have the address [email protected] at your disposal. Legal requests will be made in [email protected] If you want to make inquiries about advertising you can do it through [email protected], although if they are complaints do it to [email protected]

If you want to share your opinion or tell them about a problem you want to report to them, you can cover This formulary. It will ask for your contact information, subject, how they can help you and the ability to send attachments. Confirm compliance with the conditions and send.

Contact the help center

If you need help On TikTok, the first thing you should know is that they have a help center where they can answer your questions, so if you have any questions you can find it here. Once you access the web, you can search for what you need in the search engine. Further down you can see popular articles, of interest, account settings, security and other articles that can answer your questions.

If not, it is best to refine results with the searcher and see what results it gives. The results pages that match your search will appear. It is the fastest way to do it. They will answer cool questions like setting up a profile, creating an account, resetting password, for you, creating and browsing videos, messages and notifications, increasing the number of viewers, deleting an account, troubleshooting and more.

tiktok help center

We must know that the help center does not have a way to direct contact with the service, only if you make this query and you see a related article such as reporting a problem that tells you how to do it. There are no contact forms or emails here, only responses to frequently asked questions that users may have and that may be useful to you.

Social networks

Although it is best to do it directly or with your help center, another way to contact TikTok is through your presence at social networks, therefore you can do it in your account Facebook responding to a publication, although it is not recommended, or by Messenger so that they respond to what you need in a more direct and personalized way. If they have to give you another more private method of contact, they will do so from there so that you can respond to your concerns. His page on the social network in Spanish is is.

tiktok spanish facebookToo have an account on the microblogging social network Twitter where you can contact them or learn more about their news. Although it is best to do it in another way, since here there will be a Community Manager who also probably does not speak your language. They also have their account On Instagram and a channel in Youtube.

Other forms of contact

We are going to tell you how you can contact TikTok if you want to respond to common concerns, such as the case that you want to do it for publicity, to report an infringement, for privacy reasons or to report a problem. Each of them has its corresponding contact form for speed up the consultationTherefore, although you can do it directly in these cases, it is best to use these routes.

Contact for advertising issues

If you want to contact TikTok for advertising issues, you have to go to TikTok for Business, give to contact us. For this you will have to have an account on the social network and identify yourself. Right next to it, give to I want to contact the sales department and complete and send the form that appears to you. They will ask you the name of the company, yours, email, telephone, budget, region or country, if you are an agency, sector and website. You must confirm that you want to be contacted by email or phone and send.

tiktok for business

If you are from the press, you just have to write to [email protected] or consult at TikTok Newsroom for updates and latest news. It will be interesting for you to complete your work or be up to date with what happens in the social networking service to share videos.

Report a violation

You may have noticed an infraction that has occurred in the social network and you do not want it to be overlooked, such as that an account is spamming, infringing the rights of other users or taking actions that it should not, or that are using a video of yours among other issues. If you want, it is possible to do it from the account, video or sound that you want them to review to verify that an infraction is really being committed.

If you want report an accountYou can do it on the profile page of the account to report, give the 3 points and Report, and then follow the instructions that appear on the screen. If you want to report a videoYou have to do the same by clicking on Report going to the specific video and follow the instructions. If you want to do this with a sound, do the same from the sound page.

Report a problem

If you want report a problem, what you have to do is go to this section and some will appear frequent questions. If it is among them, open the drop-down and information about it will appear. You only have to give no a if the problem is solved. A message will appear that says I still have problems. If you give it there, you will access until your support tickets. In send us a comment you will write what happens, it is recommended that you send an image or proof of it. Once you have done it, you click Send. They will thank you for your comment and you can send one more if you need it.

report a tiktok issue

You can also do it from your mobile app tapping on Me, logging in and reaching your profile. If you give the 3 points in the upper right you will reach the Privacy and Settings menu and from there you can report a problem. Select the category, subcategory and send. You will be able to write your message, add an image, include your contact email so that they can respond to you from support and send.


If you want to contact for any question related to your Privacy Policy, you can get in touch through a web form. If you want to contact him TikTok Data Protection Officer you will have to here. In the first form, they will ask you your country, if you have an account, your email and what type of request you want to send. You cover everything and send. In the second you will have to indicate your question, username, email and reference number and you will send.

privacy information tiktok

You can do it too by mail. If you are in the European Economic Area and Switzerland, the address is TikTok Technology Limited, 10 Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin, D02 T380, Ireland. If you are in the UK, you will need to send to TikTok Information Technologies UK Limited, 6th Floor, One London Wall, London, EC2Y 5EB, UK. Remember that you also have the different contact emails, although it is better to do it from the corresponding section in a guided way.

TikTok address

The company claims to have offices in cities around the world, such as Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, Jakarta, Seoul and Tokyo. Its headquarters are in the United States and there are several important addresses that you can go to depending on where you are. Remember that if you do not do it to the corresponding one, you may not get an answer or have to wait longer to have it.

tiktok officesUS Users

TikTok Inc.

5800 Bristol Parkway, Suite 100

Culver CIty, CA 90230


UK Users

TikTok Information Technologies UK Limited

6th Floor

One London Wall

London, EC2Y 5EB


Users of the European Economic Area and Switzerland

TikTok Technology Limited

10 Earlsfort Terrace

Dublin, D02 T380

Other locations

TikTok Pte. Limited

1 Raffles Quay,

# 19-11, South Tower,


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