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How the hinge mechanism of the folding smartphone Galaxy Z Fold2 works

by Henry Brown


As you know, at the beginning of the month a foldable smartphone with a flexible screen Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 was presented. One of the most interesting design elements of this device is a hidden hinge with a two-cam mechanism CAM, which allows the device to be folded smoothly and fixed in several positions. At the same time, the mechanism does not violate the laconic design of the smartphone. The other day, the manufacturer published a video in which Samsung specialists told how the hinge mechanism of the Galaxy Z Fold2 folding smartphone was created.

The hinge is an extension of the design developed for the Galaxy Z Flip. Since the body of the Z Fold2 is larger, the developers were given more freedom and designed the optimal configuration, coming to it through dozens of prototypes. The final version consists of over 60 parts.

In principle, the mechanism consists of two parts with projections and a flat surface between them. When the apparatus is folded and unfolded, the inclined surfaces of the protrusions are in contact, and when it is unfolded, the flat surfaces are in contact. In other words, the smartphone is held in position not only by magnets, but also by the structure of the hinge.

The gaps to the left and right of the hinge, necessary for the device to fold and unfold, are closed by micro brushes with elastic bristles. They prevent dust and debris from getting inside the device.


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