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Horror movie House on the Hill has been released and has received accolades and reviews



Recently, there are very few real horror games, so that the blood would freeze in the veins, and the heart began to pound madly from any rustle. Even the recently released The Dark Pictures: The Little Hope did not meet the expectations of the players. Perhaps House on the Hill will fix everything. At least this is hinted at by reviews and reviews.

The description says that House on the Hill is a first-person story-driven horror game that lets the gamer choose his own nightmare.

The player will have to join the role of a young thief who goes to his last business to save his family from a difficult business. But the estate, where a rare precious is hidden – the main character’s goal, is filled with terrible nightmares, and getting out of it will not be an easy task.

The creators of the game promise that behind each door hides its own dark story and its own terrible nightmare, and any action leads to a change in the plot, so after completing the game once, gamers can return to it again to explore another part of the house and get a completely different ending.

At the time of this writing, 361 reviews were left by users, and most of them are characterized as “very positive”.

You can find out more information on the official project page on Steam.

Source: steam

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