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Harley-Davidson unveils electric bike with design of its first motorcycle




Motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson has unveiled its first ever electric bike. For its production, a separate company Serial 1 Cycle was created.

The characteristics of the Harley-Davidson electric bike have not yet been disclosed, only its design is known. Judging by the presentation materials, it is made in a classic walking design, it has a rather massive frame with a battery at the carriage and no shock absorbers (their role is played by relatively thick wheels with a non-aggressive tread). There is also a speed switch, and disc brakes with hydraulics, and the cables are hidden inside the frame. The saddle is also classic, with springs for softness.

The appearance of the electric bike refers to one of the first models of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle, which was released in 1903.


Sales of this e-bike will begin in spring 2021. According to The Verge, Harley-Davidson decided to enter this market due to the fact that during the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for bicycles, e-bikes and other forms of transport that allows you to move around the city in isolation from other people has grown significantly.

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