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Hackers gained access to data of 200 thousand T-Mobile subscribers, including recordings of their calls



By information Bleeping Computer, late December 2020 hackers got access to data of 200 thousand subscribers of the American telecom operator T-mobile. The attackers also infiltrated the system where users’ call records are stored.

T-mobile told affected customers that hackers were able to break into a system that contains customer proprietary network information (CPNI). These are data: time, date, duration and destination number of each call, type of network to which the consumer is subscribed, number of lines, call records. This information for each customer is collected and stored by T-Mobile at the request of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

IS specialists of the telecom operator began to investigate this incident. They also blocked unauthorized access to T-Mobile customer data. The telecom operator promptly reported violations in its network to federal law enforcement agencies and continues to notify affected customers. T-Mobile did not clarify when the hackers gained access or how much data they were able to compromise. The telecom operator said that “a small number of customers (less than 0.2%) were affected”. T-Mobile has around 100 million users. It turns out that in the course of this incident, about 200 thousand customers were affected.

The telecom operator explained that the leaked data did not contain sensitive information about names, physical addresses, email addresses, financial and credit card details, social security numbers, tax IDs, passwords or customer PINs.

Previously, T-Mobile already had user data leaks. For example, in November 2019, hackers managed to steal the telecom operator has information on customers of prepaid wireless access points, including full name, registration address, telephone and contract numbers, current tariff plan.

Early 2020 Reddit Users reportedthat they started receiving messages from T-Mobile about their identity theft. Then the telecom operator has provided Affected clients have free access to the credit monitoring system and identity theft detection.

A report from T-Mobile about unauthorized access to a user’s personal data.

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