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Hacker returned money to British collector for fake NFT



The collector paid $ 335,000 for the NFT from the anonymous artist Banksy. The authenticity of the work was doubted

The hacker returned $ 336,000 to a British non-fungible token collector (NFT) after selling him a fake NFT by anonymous artist Banksy, according to the BBC.

Non-fungible token collector (NFT) Pranksy acquired the work allegedly belonging to the anonymous artist Banksy. He paid 100 ETH for it (~ $ 335,000 at the exchange rate at the time of the transaction). A few hours later, he was sent a duplicate token.

However, a Banksy spokesman said the artist is not affiliated with any NFT auctions.

The victim) Pranksy, who chose to remain anonymous, said on Twitter that he suspects that Banksy’s website has been hacked and that he has been the victim of an elaborate scam.

Pranksy admits that the attacker himself could have sent the links to the page and the auction to him. To the collector’s surprise, 8 hours after the incident, the scammer returned 97.69 ETH. “I don’t know why he returned the money. I think I tracked him down, and he became aware of this, ”said Pranksy.

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